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Our Agency will provide you with 360° Innovative Solutions from :


Creative Strategies and Design to Development and Digital Marketing Services that engage your brand and your company into a unique Digital Experience.

All our dynamic and multi-skilled team have a strong philosophy of passion, professionalism and ethic and are always on the lookout for the latest e-trends and future innovations.

Information management is closely related to, and overlaps with, the management of datasystems, technology, processes and – where the availability of information is critical to organisational success – strategy.

This broad view of the realm of information management contrasts with the earlier, more traditional view, that the life cycle of managing information is an operational matter that requires specific procedures, organisational capabilities and standards that deal with information as a product or a service.


Our Agency will provide you with creative strategies and innovative

solutions that engage your brand into a unique digital exerience.


GoAhead Digital  is a dynamic and multi-skilled agency, always on the lookout for the latest e-trends and future innovations.











3D Printing


With our new Smart Gastronomy Concept © and Food For Marketing © 

we will create for your company or your client the most exquisit design and gourmet delicatesse with our 3D Printers.


This very unique vision in food innovation include a multidisciplinary approach mixing gastronomy, science, technology and art wich aims to help our clients to attract customers in the most delicious way possible


Allowing you to transform the most incredible shapes in food with your brand name or logo on it.


We can also turn your ideas into 3D printed reality and order as many copies as you want. 


Explore with us how your company can integrate 3D printing for applications such as visualization/display models, prototyping, form, fit and functional testing, as well as short run production.

Many others  from all industries aleady took advantage of 3D printing, from automotive and packaging to electronics and fashion,


Send us your 3D design chosse your material and we will give you the price for your models.

Digital Broadcast


With HIBN.TV we offers a large range of production services and crew, including Broadcasting Facilities in Belgium. 

We can create and distribute your program as :


• News channel

• Business-WEB-TV

• Video on demand (VOD)

• Capability to provide Digital Broadcasting for Live Events 

• Production and Broadcasting of audio-visual content on Local Area Network (LAN) of enterprise

Print and Media Production 


Our Team as more than 25 years of experience and Diversity of Skills (print, POS, kiosks, ...) in :


• print, PLV,

• interactives station,..

• « préventive » Production

• Digital Development with support for templates (for easier RFQs)


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